TallyKey T8 pedestal

Surprisingly elegant supply pedestal for larger power requirements

With the TallyKey T8 pedestal a timeless, elegant Danish design is combined with supply for even the largest outdoor arenas or parking areas.

TallyKey T8 can be delivered with power outlets of max. 900A and one or two 1″ water taps.

Consumption measuring – three solutions

Power consumption is an increasing cost; measuring individual consumption encourages service users to be thrifty in their use of utilities and typically produces double-digit reduction in overall power and water consumption at facilities using a user-pays business model.

The traditional meter
The simplest, yet also an effective way of measuring consumption is the traditional meter for manual reading directly on the meter itself. Our products can be delivered with very reliable and durable digital electrical meters.

We also offer a solution for consumption measuring called TallyBee. Here we offer the market’s most reliable and user-friendly system for remote reading of electrical meters. The guest’s power consumption is quickly read via a small TallyBee pop-up window or a facility Overview window on the computer screen.

The most recent solution for consumption measuring is called TallyWeb.

Here customers handle their power delivery themselves, reducing administration while providing facility management the overview of the entire operation or individual consumption and status.

Payment for services, consumption and access to facilities is easily handled with TallyWeb. On arrival the guest registers via the user-friendly online portal, where the required services are paid with credit card in advance. Instant payment reduces debtor risk and eliminates the need to invoice casual visits.