The market’s best solution for remote reading of electric and water meters and remote control of utilities delivery

TallyBee provides:
  • Remote reading of any kind of consumption from any outlet in the area
  • Remote control of electrical or water outlets or any other access such as doors, vehicle gates and amenities like showers and laundry
  • Real-time information on consumption on circuits within the local system
  • Alerts for incidents such as: plug removal or tripped protection device*
  • All information can be accessed via the office computer or the internet or mobile phone*

*If the system is so equipped

How does it work?

TallyBee utilises state-of-the-art radio technology to link all units to a Master Radio, typically installed near the office.

  • Easy installation – no cables between pedestals
  • One radio unit is placed at each pedestal or module

TallyBee radio units are compatible with most meters

  • Reliability is secured through the use of a cellular mesh structure–if one radio connection is blocked, a new path is created through other radios to maintain connection to the Master Radio
  • All consumption data is logged and stored in the Pedestal Radios and Master Radio, regardless of whether it is connected to the computer or not. This means that data is always accessible and never lost.
  • Data is updated continuously via USB or internet connection from the Master to the office computer
  • A variety of views are available for the operation of TallyBee – from a simple pop-up window (Single View) to an Overview Screen and Socket Set-Up window for acquisition and naming of outlets and amenities.
Market leading technology

We develop and manufacture our own electrical parts according to the highest standards for functionality and durability.

  • Full control of production and delivery timing
  • Full control of quality

All components are rigorously tested before release and bear the CE Label.


  • Full overview of all connected units via TallyBee
  • Consumption data accessible in real time
  • Read consumption directly on screen and settle payment easily and quickly
  • Remote control of power and water outlets, doors, gates etc. from the desktop
  • Safeguard consumption data – stored both in the radio at each pedestal and in the Master Radio

Alarm functions*
Receive alerts on the screen when events happen:

  • If a plug is disconnected from the socket
  • If a protection device is tripped
  • Power failure
  • If a radio is offline

*Note: Some alarm functions are optional equipment and require componentry to be installed to enable these feedback functions.