About Us

TallyKey provides the highest quality power and water delivery systems available on the market. Specifically designed for marinas and holiday parks, TallyKey products are suitable for all projects; from basic lighting and power, to more sophisticated solutions. TallyKey pedestals and modules can be engineered to provide user-pays, remote-monitoring and/or remote control options.

Every application sees local evaluation and a multi-disciplined engineering assessment. We want to be sure to solve both long term and short term problems for our customers.

Our Engineering teams make extensive use of computer-aided-design and manufacturing techniques as well as thorough destructive testing to assure our products are up to the rigors of each application.

Marathon Products

Marathon (MPL) is the proud distributor of TallyKey products throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. We work closely with our colleagues in Denmark to produce the best power supply and water delivery solutions in the Southern Hemisphere.

At MPL we work with our customers to solve their individual operational challenges in the most cost effective way.  We aim to achieve the best possible solution that will reduce the life cost of your project, providing the best Choices for the Long Run.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and technical support at all stages of your project and equipment life from production to re-purposing or recycling.  Relationships are important to us and our business success has been gained through our integrity and knowledge of the marine and park industries, not to mention our love of all things marine and outdoor-related.