TallyKey power & supply pedestals

TallyKey pedestals are constructed of weather resistant anodized aluminium, with screws, bolts and shafts of acid-resistant steel, making them robust and reliable. Only the highest quality materials are used in production, ensuring the pedestal’s useful life is at least 15-20 years with minimal maintenance.

Management & access solutions

TallyKey is the market leader in providing best solutions for monitoring usage and recording payment. Individual recording and payment of utility consumption charges enables guests to use the amount they’d like, but only pay for what they consume.

Benefits of the TallyKey solution

When you invest in supply equipment there are many factors to consider: price, quality, service life, safety and durability, simplicity of installation and ease of maintenance. TallyKey has combined the latest technology and a timeless design, ensuring many years of maintenance-free operation and the fastest return on your investment.