Management Solutions

Solutions for the recording and payment of power consumption are available on all TallyKey pedestals.

Marinas and campsites worldwide are seeing growth in power consumption. Individual recording and payment of utility consumption charges allow you and your guests to be precise in allocating expenses. This enables guests to use the amount they’d like, but only pay for what they use. TallyKey is the market leader in providing best solutions for monitoring usage and recording payment. These solutions are available as options on all products.

Power Meters

The simplest, but still most efficient solution for the recording of power consumption.

Pedestals or modules can be delivered with our stable and durable, digital power meters that can be read manually at the outlet.  Our meters are both easy to read and precise.  This configuration enables future upgrade to the TallyBee system.



The market’s best solution for remote reading of electric meters and remote control of outlets.

In the TallyBee system we use top modern radio technology to link all units to a Master Radio, typically installed in the office. All consumption data is logged and stored in the Master Radio, regardless of whether it is connected to the computer or not. This means that data is always accessible and never lost.



Whether it is payment for hot water at the campsite, power for a boat at the marina, user-friendly power outlets for a market, or something entirely different – TallyWeb provides the optimal user-friendly solution.

For guests, TallyWeb offers easy access to services such as: access to facilities, power, water, etc. For hosts, easy administration and quick payment are some of the advantages.