In Marinas

It’s tough to know if there’s a water leak underneath a floating pontoon. Generally, it cannot be heard, cannot be seen, yet wastes resources around the clock. With Pierhead Monitoring, comparisons of aggregated individual use can be compared to overall pier consumption to highlight which piers need a closer look …

By using TallyBee to monitor at the pierhead, feedback in the office pinpoints which piers are not tracking consistently. If pierhead values (in other words, the aggregate values for the entire pier) exceed the total of individual pedestal readings, there’s a leak. These readings appear on the TallyBee Overview Screen, indicating where to look for water loss.

Pierhead monitor radios are linked through TallyBee to the office computer and to metered supply pedestals. This hardware can monitor power and water consumption for the pier, aggregate pier lighting, as well as carpark lighting.

“Since implementing Pierhead Monitoring, marina operators have found leaks that would have gone unseen previously” says Joe Nowak, Director of Marathon Products Ltd.

Pierhead monitors can also inform you about abnormal fluctuations in electricity usage, enabling your sparkie to be proactive with potential electrical problems offering you further peace of mind.

Pierhead monitoring offers another TallyBee solution to support sustainability—economically and environmentally.

The TallyBee radio tracks activity in this example from aggregate pier power, water and pier lighting consumption as well as car park lighting.
A small antenna relays data from the remote radio to the Master Radio to report consumption.